It is important to me to be here and now, to let myself feel. The environment in which I live in, whatever that would be – nature or city – shrinks to match capabilities of my senses and becomes the background for happenings of consciousness. I merge with that environment: I connect from within with the world, it‘s bodies, I am not beside them, I am with them. I create the opportunity for myself to know the Self and the being in general. The knowing starts even before verbalizing peace, letting to feel it physiologically through observing, touching, and listening. This very real involvement with the world becomes something that I need to know and conceptualize the most. It is sensual perception – the base strategy for all creation. For me creativity is observation of any regular day playgrounds.

Like in the sandbox I glue images and visions which are born from analysis of relations with me and others. In my paintings I create portraits of a person’s psychological condition which is embodied to objects that are turned into metaphors. Melancholic contemplations, open nerve, playground. Through emotional differences I analyze the constant collisions of noise and silence, seeking the possibilities of understanding in the unknown truth.


Born 1994

Lives and works in Vilnius/Kaunas, Lithuania

Since 2023 lecturer, Vilniaus dailės akademija Kaunas fakulty. Kaunas

Since 2021 member of Lithuanian artists’ association. Vilnius

Since 2019 Status of Art Creator by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

Since 2019 owner and art teacher at Art studio ”Mėnulis”. Vilnius

2019 CO-FOUNDER of Tapytoju Studijos (eng. Painters’ Studios) artists’ contemporary art project space in Lukiškių 9, Vilnius, Lithuania

Since 2018 lecturer, Kauno kolegija. Kaunas

Artist CV


2017 – 2019 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Painting Master‘s degree, Vilnius Fakulty

2013 – 2017 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Painting Bachelor‘s degree Kaunas Fakulty

Solo shows:

2024 “My (?) Melodies”. VVJ gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania

2023 ”ONE MORE DAY”, Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius. Lithuania

2022 ”ONE MORE DAY”, Artists’ Association Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2020-2021 ”NOTES”, ”Owl hill gallery”, Kaunas, Lithuania

2020 ”NOTES”, Gallery ”Ramybė”, Palanga, Lithuania

2018 ”OBSERVATORija”, Gallery ”Akademija”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 ”Out of there’’, Contemporary art gallery ”12-14’’, Vienna, Austria

Group exhibitions:

2023 Group exhibition ,,Menas be stogo‘‘. Vilnius

2023 Group portraits exhibition ,,TAPAU TAVE‘‘. LDS gallery ,,Drobė‘‘. Kaunas

2022 Young painter prize (YPP) exhibition of the finalists’ artworks. Vilnius picture gallery. Vilnius

2022 Art exhibition for Ukraine. Skalvija cinema centre. Vilnius

2022 Art exhibition for Ukraine. Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania. Vilnius

2021 Art exhibition on outdoor advertising stands ,,Menas be stogo” (,,Art needs no roof”). Vilnius

2021 Exhibition of Lithuanian artists’ association new members. Lithuanian artists’ association gallery. Vilnius

2020 Art exhibition on outdoor advertising stands ,,Menas be stogo” (,,Art needs no roof”). Vilnius

2020 Painting exhibition ”The city clock”. Molėtai art gallery. Molėtai

2020 Painting thumbnail exhibition ”Pasport of artist”. Trakų Vokė Manor. Trakų Vokė

2020 Paintings exhibition ”HOT”. Gallery ”Academy”. Vilnius

2019 Art fest ,,EmEm”. Trakų Vokė Manor. Trakų Vokė

2019 „Nr. 4“, ”Loftas”. Vilnius

2019 The 4rd Quadrennial of contemporary Lithuanian art. Gallery ”XX”. Panevėžys

2019 Women painting exhibition ”Laisva”. Business center K29. Vilnius

2018 ”KOSMO Look” with Rūta Matulevičiūtė. Jonava art gallery. Jonava

2018 ”MMM‘‘ Textile gallery ”Artifex’’. Vilnius

2018 Paintings exhibition ”Playing classes.” Gallery ”555’’. Vilnius

2018 International group painting exhibition ”Young painting of Kaunas and Ryga’’ in Kaunas painting gallery. Kaunas

2017 VI international Algimantas Švėgžda drawing competition exhibition in the gallery “Titanikas”. Vilnius

2017 ‘‘Art Cells 2017” Ministry of Culture. Vilnius

2017 VDA and Štiglic art lectors and students group exhibition ”Two Academies‘‘ St. Petersburg. Russia

2017 Drawing exhibition ‘’Selfie for art’’ with Milda Sadauskienė. Gallery ‘’Meno parkas’’. Kaunas

2017 Best of the year work competition exhibition in Kaunas painting gallery. Kaunas

2016 XVI international Vilnius Painting Triennial ‘’Contemporary paintings of Lithuania’’ in Kaunas painting gallery. Kaunas

2016 International young artist Biennial in Alytus exhibition spaces. Alytus

2016 19 authors exhibition WUNDERKAMERAden. Gallery “Meno forma”. Kaunas


2022 ”Lithuanian millennium children” Ukrainian children day camp in Contemporary art centre – art teacher volunter. Vilnius
2021 Kaunas2022 European Capital of Culture. ”Fluxus yard”. Kaunas
2020 Kaunas2022 European Capital of Culture. Kulautuva
2019  International ”K2games” project. Romania
2017 – 2022 ”Karklė” music festival art curator and exterior designer. Karklė
2016  Social art project ”Portrait of senior”. ”Tautos namai”. Kaunas
2016  Social art project ”Selfie for art”. Hansa days. Kaunas
2016  The art therapy project for prisoners. Kaunas interrogation Insulator. Kaunas
2015 – 2016 ”HELP PORTRAIT”. Children’s house. Kaunas
2014 – 2016  The art therapy project ”You can’t – art can”. Venta special needs house. Venta

Awards and grants:

2022 Luminor prize for youth empowerment – International painting contest ,,Young painter prize  XIV (YPP)”

2022 State Grant for Culture and Art Creators by the Lithuanian Council of culture (5 months)

2020 State Grant for Culture and Art Creators by the Lithuanian Council of culture (6 months)

2017 1st prize – The 6th international A.Švėgžda drawing contest exhibition ”Drawing – 2017”

2017 laureate – The best 2016 painting public choise award



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